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Evolusi Kaedah Hafazan

          1.       Since Zahra kecik – selalu lupa
a.       Sukahati
b.      Baca dalam kereta
c.       Baca ulang tiga kali – terutamanya sebelum tidur
           2.       24 Ogos 2016 – tak review tarikh dalam fail utama maka jadilah lupa.
a.       The mother need to understand the maksud and make sure it will make progress
b.      Put on target date
           3.       19 September 2016
a.       Start progress chart – simple start (1/4 juz amma with sticker on it for both Dahlia and Airis) – to improve on the progress, explicit for the children and parents
b.      Put in writing ayat yang hendak dihafaz – letak due date supaya tidak lupa.
c.       Take three words to emphasize during the hafazan. Translate the words into malay and mandarin. 


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Family Day Anang Sari - good place only the pantai kotor
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