Monday, June 25, 2012

25 June 2012

Today me in my office - hanging out with friends with some resolutions:

1. Stop blog hunting! - especially on emotional blog. I need my energy for my study, self improvement, kiddos and mr hubby.

2. Record good things in my life. Hee.. fully utilize the lovely galaxy note - record and capture the moments of kiddos, food, friends, studies and self improvement.

3. Utilize my time - surah al-asr.

4. Good idea for minimalist:

On my study:
1. Timeline to Disscuss with Dr Nazlena: 20 July 2012.

- KV; lack of theory.
- thinking of doing framework, looking visualization from kognitive and perceptual side. But how to relate with ICT? Somehow im doing Doctorate in Computer.
- mental model puhliss!

2. Based on Constructive Theory - Jean Piaget. Early education is very important. On their early years, childrens mind are empty. So a good schema (mental model) must be put in. This schema will permanently stay there and any new knowledge will only being filtered by this schema. The children will actively change/construct/deny or accept the new knowledge based on the first schema. Bravo Wati for introducing early education.

3. Somehow as a mother, i must play an important role to make sure my children have a really good schema in their mind. :D Thank you Allah for making me realize this thing

Sunday, June 24, 2012

20-22Jun 2012
Airis' flu continue until today.. It takes plus minus 4 weeks :(

Anyway, for my study.. i m hunting for cognitive, perception and the relationship with visual - then how to relate with KV.

Visual Thinking for Design - Colin Ware Chapter 1.

Elaborate about all those things, but when it comes to top-down and bottom-up perception.. i m a bit confused. Then start to dig from internet. A bunch of references regarding on cognitive and perception came from psychology, especially on education.

23 - 24 Jun 2012

Abah was here. We went to KLCC and makan durian at sungai tekali. The chicken wings was awesome! sedap sangat. I ate 6 of them.. oh my diet!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19 Jun 2012

Start from 3.00 am, i studied on Chapter 4- Color. Colin Ware. visual thinking for design.

Somehow, color is interesting part to learn, besides, i also love to study about how color influenced human life. Things to ponder, Allah make white as exclusive color. Which is must be balance from mix all RGB colors. Iam thinking of focus on color in my research. but it is too early to decide. Lets me study another thing first.

Colin Ware explain about Rod and cone in our retina and how HSL (Hue, Saturation and luminance) play a big role in make color difference.

Shiny idea from Mr Husband
Fibonachi or something related to 7 in develop framework in visualization.

18 Jun 2012
from today onward, I will use English to increase my skill and vocabulary (Thank You, Allah)

The impact of Dimensionality and color coding of Information Visualization for Knowledge Acquisition. Tanja Keller, 2005, Germany.

1. Sambung study LR IV for color coding & dimensionally.

basically this paper is good on representing modeling. Several cognitive, memory and processing model been discussed tarally but narrowing to enhance learning.

2. That's why i have to study more on;

- Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning - Mayer, 2001
- Theory of Visuospatioal Working memory - Logie, 1995
- Working memory Model - Baddleys, 1998
- Cognitive Load Theory - Sweller, 1998
- Automative Human Informatin Perception Process - Ware

3. There are three things for this paper conclusion:
- IV is better than the baseline. IV using multi cognitive system  
      (textual, spatial and colors) compared to single cognitive

system. So the cognitive load were divide tarally, giving 
more free load for germane cognitive.

- 2D is better than 3D for knowledge acquisition

- color doesnt play much role on this research.

4. Looking for LEO - learning environment software.


always put so what... to what..

A. First Meeting - Dr Nazlena (20 April 2012)

1. Google

- Problem statement

- Research Gap

- phD mind map

dl -

2. Anchor Journal - Dagstuhl Conference Papers (2007)

3. Presentation timeline - done @ 3.30 pm 18 April 2012

- every year kena ada publication

What to do next? (20 April 2012)

1. Continue reading papers.... dagstuhl - done


(general ideas) - dashboard is under Data visualisation.

- at least get some rough ideas on dashboard

3. Indexed journal - ISI? (Impact factor journal) - how to find?

4. Problem statement

- hypothetically based (phD - novelty)

- Connection between subject & object.

- Focus? - on object or on context (applied)?

5. Ask JPA - how much they will cover for data collection obersi?

What to do next? (21 April 2012) - go for knowledge visualization?

1. Read papers get from IEEE - done

2. print yang mana berkenan? - done

7 Mei 2012 (full day home)

1. Print paper Robert Kosara - get the definition of Visualization.

2. Get papers about cognition / system cognitive

7 Mei 2012 (Shah Alam)

1. Looking generally at Sabrina Bresciani - management KV

2. Discussion with Linda; Shah Alam (2.00pm - 6.00 pm)

2.1. Better choose domain quickly, so you not shoot randomly.

2.2. Do design/model/engines instead of application.

3. Thinking about domain;

A. Management

B. BioInformatics

C. Architectures

9 Mei 2012 (PTSL, UKM)

1. Find books - colin ware & tuffe

2. Looking deeply on Sabrina's paper - best paper award

3. Thinking of doing MANAGEMENT/MEETING/ORGANIZATION as a domain.

10 Mei 2012 (@home with my little zara & Airisi :D)

Study start at 2.00 pm

1. Looking at Prezi - awesome!. So me having prezi account - done, pwd: same goes to gmail. V^2

2. Studying on Sabrina's paper - good - done

11 Mei 2012 (FTSM, UKM) - meet old friend - Faridah Hani

1. Finish Sabrina's paper - managers view - done

- Now i know about manager cognitive task

- managers KV artefacts

- adequate Viz for individual & collaborative tasks.

- TTF (Task Technology Fit) - Zigurs Theory

- divergent (1 to keluar) and convergent (keluar to 1) task

2. Thinking of do summarization on her paper

3. Organisation/management?

19 Mei 2012

1st presentation with prezi to Dr Naz - :) - done

21 Mei 2012

1. Learn more about 12th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies | 5 to 7 September 2012 | Messe Congress Graz, Austria

23 Mei 2012

1. Analytical Process - study more!

2. Study about iKnow

3. iknow - A-plan: integrating interactive visualization with automated planning for cooperative resource scheduling

25 Mei 2012

1. Study on What is KV - martin Eppler

2. Visual Programming languages.

26 mei - 6 Jun 2012

1. masukkan semua summary dalam prezi

5 Jun 2012.

1. Study Journal IV2011 - 1550-60371/11

Martin Eppler: What is an Effective KV? - Insights from a review

of seminal concepts.

8 Jun 2012

1. Key in 5 jun dalam prezi

2. study on <- menarik! banyak infographics yang sesuai untuk digunapakai.

3. Study on Marshall Clemen - juga guna KV + DV


11 Jun 2012

1. Berada di UKM untuk journal

2. 9.00 - 10.30 - study on IV Tools. Menariks! find out visualization thesaurus & visuwords.

3. Sebarkan ilmu -10.30 - 11.15 - belajar dan sebarkan ilmu tentang Jmol dan Gapminder kepada Kak Eus dan Dr Naz.

4.12.00 - 4.00 pm Jurnal: visualizing knowledge and information: An introduction

5. 4.00 pm - 4.30 pm - reorganize journal - cari lagi 3 journal.


12 Jun 2012

1. Plan: Study more on mental model

2. Bookmark shortcoming and synergies dalam perkara 4 11 Jun 2012.