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Dahlia: juzu' amma part 2 and bahasa arab

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Menyoal dan Menunjuk

Mana *oh nana? Maka Adelia akan sibuk mencari handphone yang disembunyi celah bantal suruh bukakan youtube didi
Bertanya soalan mudah adalah cara mudah membangun kognitif anak 9 hingga 12 bulan. Mana hidung? - ini hidung (sambil menunjuk hidung) Mana abah?  - itu abah (sambil menunjuk abah yang sedang lalu) Lama-kelamaan anak akan memahami soalan dan pandai menunjuk jawapan.
*Oh nana ialah perkataan keempat Adelia yang berumur 10 bulan (kuat betul pengaruh Didi & friends nampaknya)

Develop young mind - focus

Today, I heard from Prof Muhaya - the title is how to develop anak-anak yang penyayang. Because penyayang is the reason we are here in this world. The first lesson is smile when meet people. All together, prof Muhaya ask to develop the children from three perspectives, thus I want to focus only for these three elements in developing the young mind of my bunga-bunga bangsa:

1. Intellectual - Academic.

Focus on math clock DahliaFocus on reading english reading - read easy 4 AirisFocus on 9-12 months cognitive development Adelia - asking her simple question "where is your nose?, play stacking things together.
2. Emotion - to be more loving hamba Allah, help people - first define sakinah = kasih sayang.

Smile - let them smile when meet people 

3. Rohani - Tauhid Allah - by sign of alam, their own body system.

Family Day Anang Sari - August 2016

Family Day Anang Sari - good place only the pantai kotor
We love the house - the open concept and the space for family lepak was suitable to tauhideans' need

The steambot was nice and budak budak suka. Instead of BBQ, we need to embed the steamboat next family gathering


Design Thinking + Visual Thinking + Systemic Thinking = How to blend these together and serve to develop the young one and even the old one?

I need to find the how way...

27 September 2016 – The syllabus is quite difficult nowadays

Even darjah 1, the parents are getting difficult to catch up with their children syllabus. Next year, we need to buy the exercise book early of the year and start to practice every night. Same goes to piano and abacus lesson. 
I am proud of Dahlia because she has been the lab rat and she is good at it. We learn together since she is the first children. Lucky for Airis and baby because we as the parent has been developed through Dahlia's time.
One funny story about Dahlia - mama was kemaskan her stationery. Then I put small little poney inside her pencil case for her to have something to play at school. Later, she warned me for not do that again - it is against the school's rules to bring toys. Aduhai, my Dahlia - mana jiwa kanak-kanak kakak? 

Airis is wearing DheaDina Telekung awning silang designed by Mukcu 
Airis & Wafi in their 1-2 years time
Airis & Dang Hanom raya 2015 - she was 4 years old
\ Airis & Dahlia - hari keluarga Tauhideans July 2016  (Anangsari, Pangkalan Balak, Melaka)